We focus on the experience.

Lollygig imagines and launches original designs for people, for the planet, and most of all for fun. By harnessing the talent and skills of creative teams, we uncover opportunities, envision concepts, and launch solutions that address real problems and unmet needs.

Founded in 2010, Lollygig hit its first commercial success by co-developing an app called BoomMaster just weeks after the launch of Apple’s original iPad. Within the first thirty seconds of holding the tablet, we started carrying it around on our shoulders saying “wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a boom box app for the iPad?” Two weeks later BoomMaster was born and quickly topped the What’s New section of Apple’s App Store (sold through Gorilla Group). Since then the company has focused on designing and launching soft- and hard-good accessories for tablets, smart phones and computers.

Lollygig originates from the mind of Laate Olukotun. Prior to Lollygig, he cofounded three ventures for Steelcase Inc – Workspring, MyTurnstone, and a coworking space called 654 Croswell. When not knee deep in design work, Laate enjoys pick-up soccer and the endless search for the best ice cream.


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278 N. Union Street, Suite 105
Lambertville, NJ 08530

Creativity is intelligence having fun.Albert Einstein

Commitment to our community

Lollygig is committed to producing environmentally- and socially-responsible products made by skilled workers in the USA. We pledge to make a positive contribution to our community through our creativity and responsible business practices.